Anna MillerApril GraceChris Bauer
Dennis ChristopherEddie McCleisterElle Fanning
EpisodesHarold StritzkeIgnacio Loca
Isaac KreutzfeldJennifer BloomJoe Miller
Julianna MarguliesKarl KreutzfeldKevin Pollak
Lee BridgewaterLegionLou Destefano
Mabel SmithMartin RuberNoraida Figueroa
ObjectsOrder of the ReunificationPeter Jacobson
Peter KrausePittsburgh Police DepartmentRoom 9
SoodSuzie KangThe Bus Ticket
The Clock (Object)The CoatThe Collectors
The CombThe Comb and the BoxThe Deck of Cards
The EventThe Eye and the OccupantThe Eye and the Prime Object
The FlaskThe Glass EyeThe Glasses
The KeyThe Key and the ClockThe Lost Room Wiki
The Nail FileThe OccupantThe Pen
The PencilThe PolaroidThe Quarter
The ScissorsThe UmbrellaThe Watchbox
The Wedding PhotoThe WristwatchTim Guinee
Wally JabrowskiWeasel
File:Anna Miller.jpgFile:Anna and Lee.jpgFile:B5z0zfb8.jpg
File:Deck of Cards.pngFile:Dennis Christopher.jpgFile:Disambig gray.svg.png
File:Dr. Martin Ruber.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Eye.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Feature.pngFile:First View Of Room.jpg
File:Flask.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:Glasses.jpg
File:Harold Stritzke.jpgFile:Icon.pngFile:Iggy Brought In.jpg
File:Iggy Enters Room.jpgFile:Iggy in The Shop.pngFile:Jennifer Bloom.jpg
File:JoeMiller.jpgFile:Joe Arrives on Scene.jpgFile:Joe Holds Up Key.jpg
File:Joe and Anna.jpgFile:Julianna Margulies.jpgFile:Karl Kreutzfeld.jpg
File:Key.jpgFile:Key2.jpgFile:Key Buyer.png
File:Key Buyer Fate.jpgFile:Key Seller.pngFile:Key Seller Fate.jpg
File:Lee Bridgewater.jpgFile:Lost room background.jpgFile:Lou Arrives On Scene.jpg
File:Lou Destefano.jpgFile:Lou Sees Key Buyer.jpgFile:Martin Ruber On Scene.jpg
File:Nailfile.jpgFile:Noraida Figueroa.jpgFile:Occupant.jpg
File:Pawn Shop.pngFile:Peter Jacobson.jpgFile:Peter Krause.jpg
File:Photo.jpgFile:Pittsburgh.pngFile:Pittsburgh 2.jpg
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Polaroid.jpgFile:Radio.jpg
File:Rain Outside Pawn Shop.jpgFile:Red copyright.pngFile:Sidebarborder.png
File:Sin título-1.pngFile:Sin título-2.pngFile:Suzie Kang.jpg
File:Testing The Key.pngFile:TheKey.jpgFile:The Collectors Wallpaper Room 10.jpg
File:The Comb.pngFile:The Glass Eye.jpgFile:The Key In Title Sequence.jpg
File:The Lost Room intro.jpgFile:The Pen.pngFile:The nail file.png
File:Tim Guinee.jpgFile:Wally Jabrowski.jpgFile:Watch.jpg
File:Weasel.jpgFile:Weasel With Pen.jpgFile:Wiki-Preview.png

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